Tom's Taxidermy

Send Tom a Fish

To send me a fish by mail or ups,

 FIRST , try to wrap the fish in a wet wrung out towel put in plastic bag and freeze then double bag the fish wrap tight and as leak proof as possible. insolate box  and SHIP ON A MONDAY.... as to get it here without a weekend lay-over. I also need a written document of the lake it was caught on, species, and your signature and a printed name address and phone # and an e-mail address. how you want your fish. or just say my choice and I will pick what I think is the best side.Oh' and don't forget your deposit, check or money order is best, i will accept credit cards but you need to contact me before you send your fish. I am not responsible for lost fish, or spoiled fish. as of today this has not happened. After I get your fish I will contact you. Any questions feel free to call 417-273-4499 . we answer Biltmore Resort and from time to time you may get the machine as we  do get busy, we will get back to you fast. THANKS TOM....

 SEND TO : Biltmore Resort HC1 box 1245   Isabella, MO 65676